A Digital Platform Of An Enterprise

Services By A Family Of Ontological Models. The Value Of This Example.  Is That It Is.  Implemente On The Basis Of.  Existing Technologies And.  Thus, Minimizes The.  Technological Barrier.  To Building A New Business.  Format That Is Fully Consistent.  With The Principles Of The Composite Business And The Technological Trends Liste Above. Ontology (In Computer Science) Is Use As A Method Of Comprehensive And Detaile Formalization Of A Certain Area Of ​​knowlege Using A Conceptual Scheme Containing A Hierarchical Structure Of All Relevant Classes Of Objects, Their Relationships, Rules And Restrictions Adopte In The Subject Area. [14] Technological Foundation Of The Composite Business The Ontological Digital Platform Describe Below.

Is Suitable For Building And

Developing Information Systems For Managing Organizations, Including, But Not Limite To, Such Systems As: Accounting Transactional Systems (Oltp/erp Ii); Analytical Systems (Bi, Olap); Management Decision Support Systems (Dss); Production Process Control Systems (Scada). [eleven] In Our Opinion, This Platform Will Portugal Phone Number List Be Able To Provide A Complete Digital Representation Of The Entire Value Chain (Economic Value) And Reflect All The Necessary Aspects Of The Main Components Of The Digital Economy. It Will Be Able To Support The Flexible (Adaptive) Functioning Of A Digital Model Of Any Scale In Interaction With The Real World. Here Are Just Some Examples Of The Possible Use Of The Ontological Digital Platform In.

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The Digital Transformation

Of The Economy Smart Hous Smart City; Adaptive Digital Platform For Building Applie Is (Business Constructor); Adaptive Learning Along An Individual Trajectory Using Elements Of Microlearning (Microlearning); Autoconstruction Of Business Processes And Enterprise Information System Base On Adaptive Case Management (Adaptive Case Management). Basic Concepts “Smart Block” Is An Atomic Microsystem As Part BM Lists Of A Macrosystem – . A Smart Block Contains The Minimum Necessary And Sufficient System Components To Perform A Complete Cycle Of Obtaining, Processing And Presenting Information, Namely: Data, Program Code, Interface And Means Of Managing Them (Onto-model). Instant Info Services Is A That Is Associate With Local Onto-models As Part Of Smart Blocks. An Illustration Of The Relationship And Operation Of These Elements Is Shown In Figure 1. Figure 1. The Relationship Of The Basic Elements Of The Foundation Of A Composite.

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