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Employees Compliance With All These Principles Will Allow Choosing Those Processes That Are Really Suitable For Transformation, And It Can Be Carrie Out Quite Quickly, And Its Effectiveness Can Be Tracke In 1-2 Months, And Not In 10 Years. It Technologies For Digital Transformation There Are A Lot Of Strategies That The It Industry Can Offer. The Main Thing Is To Choose The Most Suitable: Big Data Analysis Omnichannel Blockchain 3d Printing Remote Jobs All These Technologies Can, If Desire, Be Introduce Into A Specific Business, But They Are Not Always Neee To Solve Pressing Problems. In Addition, Experts Emphasize That Technology Alone Is Not Capable Of Making A Business Digital. Digital Transformation Never Starts With The Choice.

Of Technology Because Technology

Is Just A Tool. Before Taking Any Tool, You First Nee To Clearly Define The Task, Since The Tool Is Selecte For It. The Situation Is The Same In The Case Of Digital Business Transformation. First You Nee To Choose A Specific Business Area And The Goals Of Its Transformation. Then – Outline The Range Of Problems That Nee To Be Solve. And Hong Kong Phone Number List Only Then Comes The Time To Choose A Technology. For Example, When Automating Hertz’s Capital Expenditure Reconciliations Using Comindware Business Application Platform Solutions , The Challenge Was To Provide A Seamless Experience For Many Employees Across The Company’s Global Locations. The Exact Fit Of The Chosen Technology To The Task Is A Much More.

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Important Guarantee Of Success

Than Its Innovation Or Successful Experience In Other Companies. The Proceure For Preparing For Digital Transformation Is Clearly Presente In This Table. Stage Of Preparation For Digital Transformation Actions 1. Preparation Determine How Much Dh Is Neee By The Company Now. 2. Selecting An Object Decide Which Business BM Lists Processes Are Subject To Automation, Which Divisions Of The Company Will Be Involve. 3. Communicating The Value Of Dh To Employees Explain Why The Transformation Is Taking Place. Collect Feeback From Staff. Find Out What And How, In The Opinion Of Employees, Nees To Be Change First. 4. Goal Setting Understand What Specific Goals Nee To Be Achieve And In What Time Frame, How The Result Will Be Measure. 5. Choice Of Technologies Choose The Technologies That Are Most Suitable For.

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