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Company That Wants To Comply With The Law, But At The Same Time Takes A Lot Of Time And Does Not Generate Value For The Client. That Is Why It Is Worth Leaving Such Operations To Programs. The Alternative Is To Load Employees With Such Tasks, And Additional Employees Will Be Neee To Control The Correctness Of Filling Out All Forms. In The Case Of A Robot, This Is Not Require Because It Does Not Make Mistakes. Reader. He Is Able To Work With Texts. In Particular, He Knows How To Find Key Words In Them, And Understand The General Meaning From Them. For Example, If The Letter Contains The Words “payment”, “bank Account”, Then This Probably Refers To The Sales Or Accounting Department. And The Words “does Not Work”, “broken”, “fix” Indicate That The Letter Nees To Be Sent To The Support Service.

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Is The Simplest Action, But Even Such Automatic Sorting Of Letters Is Very Helpful In Large Companies That Receive Hundres Of Messages A Day Via E-mail, Instant Messengers And Various Applications. Another Of Its Functions Is The Processing Of Documents Drawn Up In Any Form. Speaker. Clients Are Sometimes Annoye When They Call The Benin Phone Number List Bank’s Hotline And Hear The Voice Of A Robot Announcer Instead Of A Live Operator. However, From The Point Of View Of The Company, Its Implementation Makes Sense. Rpa Software Robots Are Able Not Only To Pronounce Prepare Remarks Into The Phone, But Also To Recognize What The Interlocutor Is Saying. And Although The Program Will Not Support A Conversation On An Abstract Topic, It Is Quite Capable.

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Keywords In The Caller’s Speech And . According To Statistics, Most Clients Of The Same Bank Call With Problems That Do Not Require The Help Of A Specialist: Find Out Their Balance, Debt, Loan Payment Date. The Robot Identifies The Client By Phone BM Lists Number And Informs Him Of This Information, And Then In Half Of The Cases The Operator’s Help Is No Longer Require. And Even If Customers Are A Little Dissatisfie With Robotization, This Is Compensate By The Fact That The Robot Is Able To Provide Him With The Necessary Information Very Quickly. Not To Mention That It Removes A Gigantic Excess Load From The Operators. The “Hybrid” Of The Reader And The Announcer Is The So-calle Chat Bot, Capable Of Sending Messages, Receiving Them And Responding, Focusing On Keywords.

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