The Third Principle Of The Composite Business

Business A Metaphorical Explanation.  Of The Joint Work Of Atomic.  Microsystems, Quick.  Response Information Services And.  An Ontological Model.  Is Shown In Figure 2. Figure 2. Mmp Metaphor — A Method Of Modeling By.  Little Men (G.s. Altshuller) [16] — To Illustrate The.  Relationship Between The Basic Elements Of.  The Foundation Of A Composite Business All The Components Liste Above Ensure That The Digital.  Platform Is Consistent With The Principles Of The Composite Business. Below We Will Dwell In More Detail On These Principles And Approaches To The Implementation Of Each Of Them Base On The Propose Ontological Platform.

Approach To The Implementation

Of The Four Principles Of The Composite Business The Atomic Architecture And Ontological Component Make The Digital Platform Flexible And Provide The Ability To Create Dynamic Modules Of A Composite Business – It Solutions For Autonomous Qatar Phone Number List Business Units To Build A Composite Business. The Main Difference Between The Propose Atomic Architecture And Widely Use Modular Systems Is The Refusal To Use Microservices And Container Applications As Atomic Elements, Which Are Simply An Executable Part, And Their Replacement With Intelligent Elements. The Advantage Of Using Intelligent Atomic Elements Is That They Combine Data, Code, And An Ontological Model In One Module, Which Makes It Possible To Build Independent Applications.

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That Can Be Use Standalone

Or Inserte Into Any Programming Environment. Thus, The Platform Implements Two Of The Four Principles Of The Composite Business – The Modularity Of Business Functions, Which Provides Increase Business Agility, And The Autonomy Of The Modules Becomes The Basis For High Business Resilience.  – The Possibility Of Free Assembly Of Modules BM Lists And Orchestration Of Their Joint Work – Is Implemente By A Digital Platform Through The Use Of Instant Information Services And An Ontological Engine. In Particular, Infoservices, In This Context, Are Collections Of Smart Blocks I Optimal Results. The Fourth Principle Of The Composite Business Involves The Constant Search For Winning Options For The Layout Of Modules In Order To Increase Business Efficiency And Its Value For The Client, Identify And Use New Business Opportunities. Satisfying This Principle Requires The Development Of A Culture Of Innovation In The Enterprise And The Development Of.

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