Ephemeral Content: FOMO Marketing Strategies

Ephemeral Content Exact Target recently announced that it has become. The first email marketing services company to send “Deliverability. Report Cards,” which inform customers when. They exceed industry thresholds for undelivered emails . and New Initiative spam complaints. This program represents a new strategy to differentiate. The legitimate work of email marketing professionals, based on acceptance. From that of companies that use spam. Each report lists bounce rates and spam.

The Desired Email From Spam

Then Exact Target initiates a delivery rate improvement plan to help. The client modernize email leads its listing updating and data inclusion practices. Recommended actions can range from removing bad or unresponsive addresses to using. A double opt-in policy to ensure that the recipient wants to receive emails from the company. However, customers who are reluctant to take such actions will be prohibited from.

New Initiative Complaints

The OECD meets in Brussels the first international WorkShop on Spam. This first international meeting has the BM Lists participation of. Erik Liikanen from the EU, Mozelle. Thompson from the US Federal Trade Commission. Peter Ferguson from Industry Canada and Wonki Min. Minister of Information and Korean Communication among others. The objective of the meeting is to advance the fight against.

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