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The Efficiency Of Its Work Naturally Decreases. To Prevent This From Happening, It Is Worth Starting With The Development And Communication Of A New Philosophy To Employees: The Administrative And Economic Department, Just Like Any Other, Generates Value For The Client. Only The Client In This Case Will Not Be An External Customer, But An Internal One – That Is, Our Own Employees. And The Main Task Of Axo Is To Keep Employees Satisfie By Quickly Processing Each Application. The Benefit For The Company Here Is That Employees Have Increase Motivation, Ability To Work, And Loyalty. So, Albeit Indirectly, The Good Work Of Axo Is Able To Increase.

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The Market Therefore The Main Task Of Optimizing The Acs Is To Convey To The Employees Of This Department The Idea Of ​​the Nee To Automate And Revise The Principles Of Work, To Convince Them That The Changes Are Being Carrie Out In Their NethOman Phone Number List Interests. If We Manage To Cope With This, Then The Main Part Of The Difficulties Is Behind Us. Automating The Work Of Axo Using A Bpm System The Use Of A Bpm -system Largely Solves The Problem, Since It Becomes Possible To Automatically Receive, Record, Control And Close Requests. Each Of Them Is Fixe And Accepte By The System For Execution, Confusion And Loss Of Information Are Exclude.

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Can Set A Time Limit During Which It Must Be Processe. The System Shows Which Applications Are About To Expire, And This Helps Axo Staff Meet Deadlines. For Typical Requests, For Example, For The Purchase Of Office Supplies Or Repair Of Office Equipment, It Is Possible To Create Standard Business Processes In Which Preefine Employees And BM Lists Contractors Participate: An Acs Employee, A Supplier, An Accounting Department, A Repair Specialist. Such Automation Helps To Significantly Relieve The Acs Employee, Since Most Of The ProcessesParticipation.  As The System Collects Data On How Long It Takes On Average To Process Each Type Of Application, What Is The Spee Of Work For Different Axo.

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