How much margin should a product sold on Amazon give me

How much margin  Those who follow this blog already know that together with Alex I have started . Therefore, selling a product on Amazon . One of many relevant factors is the purchase cost because it largely determines . Therefore, the margin you will be able to achieve. I’m not going to tell you exactly the details about our hair dryer but I do want to give you some clues about our reflections and calculations to find the ideal product.

Factors affecting product margin How much margin

How much margin  Factors affecting product margin There are different aspects top industry data that affect the margin of the product. Among . Therefore, the key factors there are some obvious and others that may not be so obvious at first glance. Purchase cost from the supplier : the cheaper the better. It’s also not worth pushing to the maximum when you start. When you start selling and order in larger . Therefore, quantities you will have more margin. Special promotions with discounts or free shipping : Promotions tend to work relatively well on Amazon. 

How to calculate the optimal margin of your product Amazon give me

How to calculate the optimal margin of your product? Amshipping BM Lists compared to Dropshipping has an essential advantage . Typically in the latter case we have a margin set between 30-60% because all the key factors mentioned previously are not taken into account. If the product requires advertising and you have to bear shipping costs, this can already be reduced considerably.

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