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Technology Popular In Recent Years.  And Focusing On Tasks To.  Intelligent Automation.  Base On End-to-end Business.  Processes And Further.  Transition To The Automation.  Level Of The Business Ecosystem. This Is What.  Gartner Experts Call Hyper-automation. [17] The Forerunner Of The Hyperautomation.  Trend Was The Practical Experience.  Of Using Rpa Robots To.  Automate Repetitive User Actions. In This Case, The Software Robot.  Is An External Tool Relative.  To The Platform In Which The Action.  Is Performe, Such As, For Example, An Iron.  Robot Seate At The Wheel Of A Car. Many People.  Have Realize That Simply Replacing.

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Of A Car Or In A Corporate System—does.  Not Produce Significant Results.  On The Scale Of The Business As A Whole. Significantly Greater.  Results Can Be Achieve.  If We Get Rid Of The Control Cabin And Steering Wheel, Providing Control Of The Senegal Phone Number List Robot, Which Is An Integral Part Of The Car. The Same Is True In The Case Of A Software Robot – The Most Effective Rpa Is Fuse With The Elements Of The System. When Task-base Automation Is Replace By Process-base Automation, Robotic Optimization Of Business Processes, Taking Into Account The Interconnections Of Processes, Without Interrupting Their Execution And The Nee For Programming, By Business Analysts, Becomes Relevant. The Possibility Of Optimizing Business Processes, Taking Into Account The Above Requirements, Can Be Implemente Base On The Ontological Apparatus Available To Businesses.

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Application Platform Conclusion Thus, The Use Of A Composite Architecture Of The Roy Type Is Suitable Both For Building The Digital Business Of The Future And For The Global Digital Economy. At The Same Time, The Mandatory Requirements For Ensuring The Interconnecteness Of Ecosystem Elements, Rapid Adaptability And Sustainability BM Lists Conditions Are Met. The Technological Foundation For The Implementation AndManagement Of An Is With A Swarm-type Architecture Is An Ontological Digital Platform, Such As The Comindware Business Application Platform. The Use Of Ontologies Provides The Ability To Create Organically Developing Digital Twins Of Enterprises And Other Business Objects That Can Interact In The Digital Economy, Taking Into Account Context And Experience. The Approach Describe Above To Building An Is Base On Ontological Technologies Has All The Necessary Prerequisites For Bibliography Klaus Schwab, Thierry Malleret. Covid-19: The Great Reset. – Isbn Agentur Schweiz, 2020 – 280 S (English) Pex Network, The Pex Report 2021: Global.

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