Transformation Often Lies In New

Depends Heavily On Who We Ask It To. The Fact Is That Business Representatives (General Directors, Managers) And It Representatives (It Directors, It Specialists) Look At This Phenomenon Very Differently. Moreover, Views Can Differ Greatly, Up To Diametrically Oppose Ones. For Example: According To The Ceo, Digital  Technologies. It Is Enough To Buy And Implement New Software Solutions To Reuce Business Costs And Greece Phone Number List Increase Profits. According To The Cio, Digital Transformation Means The Restructuring Of Business Processes And Business Models. And This Should Not Be Done By His Department, But By Business People. Digital Transformationobviously, As Long As The Parties Have Such A Different Understanding Of Digital Transformation, It Is Unlikely To Be Fully Implemente. To Achieve This, We Will Have To Understand.

Each Other More Deeply And Build

A Joint Strategy. But Who Is Still Right The Ceo Or The It Director? In Fact, Both Are Right, Because Real Digital Transformation Involves: Creation Of A Unifie Digital Business Platform With The Help Of Which All Data Will Be Processe: The Task Of It. Reefining Business Processes And Business Models: A Business Challenge. From This It Becomes Obvious That Neither Side Can Shift The Implementation Of The Transformation To The Other Side. To Get The Result, There Is No Escape From Deep And Long-term Cooperation. Unfortunately, In Practice, It Often Happens That Digital Transformation In A Single Company Fails, Because From The Very Beginning, The Leaders Understood It Differently And Had Different Expectations.

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To Prevent This From Happening

We Will Give A Number Of Recommendations On How To Properly Digitalize A Business. Content Stages Of Digital Business Transformation Transform Object To Start Transformation Goals It Technologies For Digital Transformation Responsible For The Transformation Results Tracking Stages Of Digital Business Transformation The Very First Stage Is To Decide Whether It Is Neee At The Moment Or Not. Most Often, Such A Transformation Is Not Require For Small Companies With A Small Number Of Employees, Especially If Computer Equipment And BM Lists The Internet Are Use Poorly. Also, The Time For Digital Transformation Has Not Come If The Management Does Not Have The Time, Resources And Desire To Do It At The Moment. Transform Object To Start Next, You Nee To Figure Out Which Area Of ​​the Business To Start Transforming The Company As A Whole. For Example, Sales, Logistics, Accounting, Hr, Etc. For Example, It Was Decide To Automate The Work Of The Hr Department, That Is, The Business Process Of Finding, Hiring, And Registering New Employees. This Business Process Can Be Built.

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