And Gradually Roll Out Changes

Understanding At The Level Of Specific Departments. And Open Discussions Lack Frankness, Because People Do Not Dare To Harshly Criticize Each Other, “smooth Corners”. All This Only Goes To Show That A Culture Of Innovation Cannot Be Implemente All At Once. It Is A Long Way To Develop A New Mentality. This Path Should Be Starte As Soon As Possible, But Do Not Expect To Be Able To Complete It In A Couple Of Weeks. High Pace Of Change In Digital Transformation Another Big Problem. Often The Transformation Is Planne As A Sharp “Jump” From The Old Principles.

To The New Ones The Concept

Of Reengineering Is Base On This Model. It Assumes The Following: Drawing Up A Model According To Which The Business Works. Building The Target Model To Which We Want To Come. Drawing Up A List Of Changes For The Transition To A New Model, Their Austria Phone Number List Implementation. Everything Would Be Fine, But In This Case, Due To Its Harshness, Digital Transformation Becomes A Great Stress For The Company And Each Employee. An Abrupt Change In The Principles Of Work Or Even Specific Software Can Slow Down A Business, Cause Failures In Its Work. Most Leaders Understand This, With Some Rushing To Make Changes As Soon As Possible.

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Others Postponing Them

As Long As Possible The Solution Here Is A Consistent Transformation, The Rejection Of Sudden Jerks. This Is Where The Low-code System Can Come To The Rescue, Which Makes It Possible To Consistently Introduce New Principles: Testing – Acceptance – Scaling. Difficulty Choosing Priorities When Preparing For Digital Transformation, You Nee To Select Individual Business Processes That Will Be Subjecte To It In The First Place. There BM Lists Are Big Discussions On This Topic: What Is Primary And What Is Secondary? It Is Worth Starting With The Processes That Are Most Important For The Company, Which Have A Built-in Structure (Albeit Not Ideal) And Are Often Repeate. For Example, We See That Optimizing The Work With Incoming Invoices Reuces The Waiting Time For Counterparties, Gets Rid Of Delays And Errors, And Frees Up Employees’ Time.

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