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There Is A Correspondingly Growing Interest In Agile Development And Low-code Platforms Such As The Comindware Business Application Platform. Request A Free Localize Version Of Pex 2022: Investing In Change And Innovation In A Changing Business Environment. The Key Trend Of Bpm Systems In 2021 Bpm Trends 2021in 2020, As A Global Trend, We Note A Shift In Business Focus Towards The Creation Of An Integrate Platform Of A Higher Order, Which Will Provide The Ability To Freely Combine A Wide Range Of Digital Technologies.

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Relevant In 2021 And Bpm Systems Have Continue To Approach The Role Of The Core Of The Next Generation Of Integrate It Platforms. More About This Global Trend, As Well As Trends Of Bpm And Rpa Synergy, Reucing The Role Of Traditional Ivory Coast Phone Number List Electronic Documents In Interaction With Counterparties And Others, In The Lower Sections Of The Article. The Dominant Trend In 2021 Is The Democratization Of Digital Transformation. This Trend Covers Civil Development And, In General, The Involvement Of A Wide Range Of Employees In The Design Of Processes, Process Architecture, New Business Models. Anatoly Belaichukanatoly Belaichuk, Chief Evangelist, Comindware Historically, Often, And In Large Enterprises Almost Always, Different.

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For The Enterprise Architecture, Regulations And Digitalize Processes. And They Use Different Software: Process Modeler – Allow You To Visualize Business Processes, But Do Not Automate Them. Ea (Enterprise Architecture) – Allow You To Design The Architecture Of An Enterprise, They Do Not Have An Engine, They Rely On The Fact  AreBM Lists Execute As Designe. Bpms (Business Process Management Suite) – Allow You To Automate Business Processes, But See Only Those That Are Controlle By The Engine, Ignoring The Processes Performe By Employees According To Written Regulations. Three Worlds Responsible For Digital Transformation As A Result, People From “three Different Worlds” Are Generally Responsible For Digital Transformation, Which Entails The Following Difficulties: There Is No Big Picture – Each World Has Its Own Idea Of ​​how The Enterprise Works In Reality. People Do Not Interact – Employees.

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