The 12 essential steps to MANAGE an Online Crisis WELL

The 12 essential steps to MANAGE an Online Crisis WELL. Unfortunately, Trolls and Haters attacks are not just isolated cases and can seriously compromise a brand’s online reputation. Attacks can be frequent on some social networks, and therefore, every brand should be prepared. You must have and know how to manage a crisis management protocol . In the second edition of PRO Marketing DAY that took place last year in April, we had the pleasure of having Keka Sánchez , expert teacher in online reputation, personal brand and branding. During his presentation, Keka spoke about how an online attack develops and what the action protocol is to manage a crisis from start to finish.

Who are the Trolls and the Haters

Who are the Trolls and the Haters. Any person can become a such as when we make a claim or complaint in public, using a social network. So that our complaint or claim is addressed. In these situations we are constant in our criticism because. The only objective is for them to listen to us and solve our problem. Deep down we can all be trolls or haters. We could say in that case that we troll for a good purpose: that they pay attention to us and that the company looks for a faster solution to our problem. But there are job function email list many other levels of attacks by trolls and haters, which can be offensive, aggressive and put the online reputation of a person or a brand at risk. 

Steps to manage an online crisis

Steps to manage an online crisis. First of all, every company should have a plan or protocol for action in the event of an attack or online crisis. And it is very important to take measures to learn so that it does not happen again. Detect who is the person writing the review. One of the first steps before responding to a criticism or negative comment on social networks. It is important to BM Lists detect who is writing it. 

It is also interesting to try to understand. what intention you have or what you are looking for with your comments before responding. One piece of advice before answering is to see their profile on social networks and not only see what they write

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