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Little Money Create Corporate Solutions Similar To Those That Require Replacement. Advantages Of Low-code Bpms In The Context Of The Sanctions Crisis Low-code Bpms Domestic Developer Fast And Accurate Transfer Of Business Processes From One Solution To Another; Creating A Solution With A Similar Interface And Functionality; Quick Adaptation Of Business Processes To Changing Conditions; Relatively Low Cost Of Development And Implementation. Helps To Effectively Reuce Staff; Increases Labor Productivity; Allows You To Hire Less Skille Workers; Expands The Scope For Continuous Change. High Compatibility With Domestic Software.

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Guarantee Of Continuous Service Support; The Cost Of Products And Licenses Is Less Dependent On Currency Fluctuations. Comindware Business Application Platform Comindware Business Application Platform Can Replace Products From Sap, Atlassian, Opentext And Terrasoft In Terms Of Business Process Automation. On This Platform, You Dominican Republic Phone Number List Can Create A Solution That Will Completely Replace The Foreign Software Of These Companies, But Retain All Its Functionality Without Restrictions. With Ready-made Processes, You Can Switch From One Solution To Another Within A Few Weeks. Make A Call And Learn More About The Possibilities Of Quickly Replacing It Solutions With Domestic Ones Base On The Comindware Business Application.

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Gaidukova  Marketing Analyst He Has Been Working In Theimport Substitution – Domestic Analogues Of Sap Sap Is An Erp System That Is Widely Use In Russia. The Rights To Sap Products Belong To The German Company Sap Se, Which In February 2022, Under The Influence Of The Political Situation, Suspende Sales In Russia And Froze BM Lists Negotiations.  Company Will Leave The Russian Market Completely. Large Companies And State Corporations, Which Are The Main Customers Of Sap, Are Under Attack. There Are Analogues Of Sap Products In Russia, But A Quick Transition To Them Is Associate With Large Financial Losses. Comindware Will Help You Quickly And Cost-effectively Migrate To A New Corporate System. Comindware Business Application Platform Is Able To Compete With Sap In Automating The Following Areas: Accounting; Personnel Service; Financial Service; Activities Of Trade Departments; Logistics.

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