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Laryanovsky  Skyeng Managing Partner.  Konstantin Dubrovin – managing TOPshiring.center, the best business coach.  In Russia 2013 in the nomination. Personnel Development”; Aleksey points of the PEX Network report.  Global community of BPM professionals.  And managers — about how the COVID-19 pandemic influence.  The place of process management in. Organizations, the practice of innovation. And monetization of changes.  In 2020 and the expecte vector of digital transformation. In 2021. Comindware provides a Low-code BPMS platform for business applications to be built by business analysts.

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An innovative architecture base on  of various technologies, people and management approaches. Thanks to the platform implementation, the product allows you to quickly develop a flexible IT solution for customer relationship management ( CRM ) or suppliers (SRM), automation of operations, workflow, SSC, etc., put it into operation and then, in an evolutionary mode, perfectly fit solution for business nees. Comindware Business Application Platformis develope in e graph DBMS of domestic production, which ensures full compliance with the requirements UAE Phone Number List of import substitution. As part of the annual survey, more than 165,000 BPM professionals and leaders around the world spoke about their practice of innovating and monetizing change in 2020 and share their plans for 2021. Comindware experts prepare a Russian localization of the key points of the survey report. You can download the Russian localization of the report for free on the Comindware website.

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The results of the survey are presente in a visual graphical form. A brief comparative analysis with the previous year’s report gives an idea of ​​the scale of changes and trends in the areas of process improvement and digital business transformation. The report is supplemente with comments by Russian experts that will BM Lists help to understand the vector of changes and digitalization trends in Russia. “In connection with the trend of digital transformation, which was significantly strengthene by the COVID-19 crisis, there are tectonic shiftsincrease in understanding of the importance for business of an integrate platform that would provide the ability to freely combine digital technologies.

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