Transparency in Online Product Marketing

Transparency in Therefore, Carry out the email marketing campaign with which this portal for singles wants to increase. Therefore, The number of Spanish users, which currently number 750,000. The campaign is made up of three sketches under the title “How to Get” and filmed by actor. Agustín Jiménez in which he explains different ways to flirt. The shipment has been made to the current. 750,000 Match com users and 100,000 MAMI permission marketing users.

Match Com Looking for Singles

The general director of MAMI, Javier Bernad, explains how a viral marketing campaign works. «viral marketing is a tool that we are applying in many digital marketing. Campaigns for email contact list our current clients. The key to success lies in the creativity to make something very funny that people will forward. Combined with an element of recruitment or sales. Therefore, It is important to send the first message to a large group of people.

email contact list

Like the one MAMI

Therefore, Interactive marketing agency in Spain and is also present in other countries where we operate. We have been BM Lists seduced by the agency’s creative idea but also by its delivery capacity. Therefore, Since they have one of the best permission marketing data banks in Spain. “We currently have 15% of singles between 25 and 45 years old as users in Spain and we hope that. This action will help us reach one million users.

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