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The Concepts Of Business Digitalization And Digital Business Transformation . In One Context, They Can Be Synonyms, In Another They Canarbitrary. Digitalization – The Use Of It Technologies In Areas In Which They Have Not Been Use Before; Digital Transformation – Qualitative Changes (Generally Understood As Global Changes At The Level Of Culture, Society, Economy, Enterprise, Government, Etc.) That Have Occurre Under The Influence Of Digitalization And Ict. Such A Conceptual Distinction Allows Us To Formulate The Thesis: “business Digitalization Does Not Always Lead To Digital Transformation.” If A Company Starts Selling Goods On The Internet.

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Become A Digital Company You Nee Something More Than A Digital Storefront. Comindware Banner Dell’s Success Story Is Illustrative In This Sense. Thanks To The Internet, The American Corporation Was Able To Take The Direct Sales Model To A New Cayman Islands Phone Number List Level. The Internet Has Helpe Improve Dell’s Marketing Policy By Accumulating New Data On Customer Behavior; The Internet Opene Up New Opportunities For Automating Operations, Which Had A Positive Impact On The Quality And Cost Of Customer Service; Dell Began To Coordinate The Work Of Suppliers And Partners Via The Internet, Increasing.

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The Completeness Of Information. That Is, The Company’s Business Processes From Analog Gradually Turne Into Digital Ones, And Then The Profit And The Share Of The Conquere Market Grew. There Are Also Reverse Examples, When The Bet On It Turne Into A Grandiose Collapse. Theranos Collapse Under The Weight Of Ambition, Outright Lies To BM Lists Investors. Wework Serve As A Front For The Machinations Of Adam Newman, Who, With Great Aplomb, Passe Off Office Space Sublease As A New, Never-before-seen Form Of Social Networking. The History Of Wework  More Prosaic. The Cbinsight Site Counte 219 Examples Of Faile Projects In The Article “The Biggest And Most Expensive Failures In Startup History” , But In Fact, Few People Paid Attention To Them, At Least Outside The Us And Eu. Nevertheless, The History Of It Startups Remembers, First Of All, Successes. Airbnb.

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