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The Normal Operation Of The Enterprise And Creates The Prerequisites For Development In A Competitive Environment. One Of Theselection Of Candidates.  Interaction Issues.  On The Road To Effective.  Recruitment Positive.  Effects From The.  Introduction Of Bpm.  And Automation.  Of The Recruitment Business.  Process Bpm Systems.  And Automation Typical.  Model Of Search.  And Selection Of Candidates.  For A Typical Russian.  Enterprise, The Recruitment.  Business Process Consists Of Several Stages: Stage Implementation Steps Application.

Formation Justification

Of The Nee To Search For A New Employee Drawing Up A List Of Requirements (Experience, Skills, Age, License, Etc.), Determining The Timing Of Closing A Vacancy, Etc. Job Approval Checking The Current Number Of Staff, Assessing The Economic Nepal Phone Number List Feasibility Of The Event, Coordinating The Vacancy With The Ceo, Etc. Transferring A Job To Hr Assigning A Responsible Person, Allocating Additional Financial Resources, Setting Deadlines, Defining Search Methods, Etc. Attracting Candidates Publication Of A Vacancy On The Internet, Contacting A Recruitment Agency, Using Personal Contacts Of Employees, Submitting An Advertisement In The Meia, Etc. Processing Job Applications Collection Of Receive Resumes And Entering Into The Database, Selection Of The Most Relevant Positions. Primary Selection Of Candidates Conducting.

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Telephone Interviews

Sending Emails Organizing Video Conferences, Etc. Checking The Skills And Identifying The Personal Qualities Of Applicants Organization Of Personal Meetings, Conducting Tests, Sending Out Test Tasks, Receiving Feeback From The Head Of A Department Or Division, Etc. Making A Hiring Decision Coordination Of The Candidate With  General BM Lists Director, Sending An Offer, Drawing Up An Employment Agreement. Collection Of Necessary Documents And Registration In The State Signing An Order To Enroll An Employee In The State, Familiarization With The Organization’s Statutory Documents, Etc. The Recruitment Model Is Influence By Corporate Values, Image In The Labor Market, Organizational Structure, Financial Resources And Other Factors. For Example, In Some Companies, The Functions Of The Hr Department Are Taken Responsibility; A Certain Set Of Incoming And Outgoing Information. The Same Application Will Be Approve Faster If It Is Submitte.

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