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Their company’s marketing simple. He has spent many years in the largest international corporations as a marketing director and was also part of several British financial service brands before setting up his own company. He already leads clients in campaign design.BUY YOUR SUPER EARLY BIRD TICKETIf you work in Marketing, PR, Technology, Advertising Agency, Social Mia consultant or you are the CEO of your own business YOU MUST BE HERE !All in day countries (Albania and Maconia) + speakers on stage ,participants  partners , tweets during the days of the conference  social mia engagements.

Tirana to run the branches

SEE YOU AT ALLWEB!Find more information at AllWeb a,on the Facebook page or send an email to marketing newmia. VENTURE Updat on:She can be call without fear. The most courageous woman who has undertaken a. somewhat speciHis name is Ajten Babani venture. Her business is not an extraordinary one, but the fact that a woman runs a “men’s business” makes it somewhat speciHis name is Ajten Babani and he has been running a business with heavy tonnage machines for years. Segment. sha is a database company that operates in the field of distribution of construction machinery in concrete production and transportation, concrete distribution, asphalt machinery, mining equipment, compressors, production linegenerators.


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The company operates in Albania and Kosovo. The production plants around the world. With which they work with exclusive contracts, are for a long time and with full rights. The company operates in import and export in other. Countries mainly Ireland, Israel, Saudi Arabia etc.Read: Altin Prenga: We all. Owe our countryAjten tells BusinessMag. that the he liv BM Lists in Thessaloniki. There she became part of the group of a Greek company, which aim to establish its branches in Albania, Kosovo,  after two years of work there, she would return.

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