But the reality is very different

But the reality Effective marketing and sales activity arises from powerful performance measurement activity. With the help of a to better optimize the budget and understand its ROI , and have a clear picture of how marketing really generates value and then apply the right corrective measures. The world of eCommerce is a reality that now forms the backdrop to most consumer purchasing choices. However, being able to buy online does not mean buying without effort, in fact it often turns out to be much more complicat than simply going to a nearby retailer.

The enormous quantity of products

Every day, thousands of users find themselves having to search, compare and evaluate on the internet before being able to reach a decision. For this reason, a company that wants to sell online must provide informative material, capable of seo expater bangladesh ltd answering all the doubts of potential customers, which is as captivating and exhaustive as possible. If previously the preferr channel for online purchases was Google, recently a new one has emerg, where users can explore all the alternatives available to them with an easier “scroll” Instagram. Instagram is no longer just a social network where you can share your experiences and thoughts through photos and comments.

Marketing Mix Model it is possible

Today this platform is configur as a real market with companies and consumers. Who are able to interact with each other and carry out commercial exchanges. With million active users worldwide every day, Instagram offers extraordinary opportunities for all businesses . But how do you sell on Instagram? And above all, how to do it effectively, so BM Lists as to achieve the set objectives? In this article we will provide you with a practical guide capable of showing you all the steps to take in order to start your sales activity on this social network and a series of strategies and tricks to apply to be successful in this area. Why do you ne to sell on Instagram?

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