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Email marketing has been a popular form of communication and promotion for businesses for years. With the increasing competition in the market, it is essential to keep track of email industry benchmarks to make sure that your campaigns are up to par. In this article, we will explore the key email industry benchmarks that businesses need to consider when creating their email campaigns.

  1. Open rate The open rate is the percentage of subscribers who opened your email. It is an essential metric to track as it determines the success of your email campaign. According to recent studies, the average open rate for emails across industries is around 22%. However, this number can vary depending on the industry and the type of email you are sending.

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  1. Click-through rate (CTR) The click-through rate is the percentage of subscribers who clicked on a link within your email. A high CTR indicates that your subscribers are engaging with your content and are interested in learning more about your business. The average CTR across industries is approximately 2.5%.
  2. Conversion rate The conversion rate is the percentage of subscribers who completed a desired action after clicking on a link within Industry Email List your email. This could include making a purchase, filling out a form, or downloading a piece of content. The average conversion rate across industries is around 3.1%.
  3. Bounce rate The bounce rate is the percentage of emails that were undeliverable and returned to the sender. Bounces can occur for a variety of reasons, such as invalid email addresses or full inboxes. The average bounce rate across industries is approximately 0.5%.
  4. Unsubscribe rate The unsubscribe rate is the percentage of subscribers who opted out of receiving future emails from your business. While it is natural to see some unsubscribes, a high unsubscribe rate can indicate that your subscribers are not finding your content valuable. The average unsubscribe rate across industries is around 0.2%.

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  1. Spam complaint rate The spam complaint rate is the percentage of subscribers who marked your email as spam. A high spam complaint rate can negatively impact your email deliverability and reputation. The average spam complaint rate across industries is around 0.01%.

In conclusion, tracking these email industry benchmarks is essential to gauge the effectiveness of your email campaigns. While the average BM List benchmarks provide a general guideline, it is important to remember that these numbers can vary depending on your industry and the type of email you are sending. By analyzing your email campaign data regularly and making necessary changes, you can improve your email engagement rates and increase your chances of success.

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