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Documents Appoint Responsible Persons, And Draw Up A Work Plan. Planning Can Be Considere Complete When The Plan Is Drawn Up, And Each Performer Has Receive A Specific, Understandable Task, A Time Limit And The Necessary Resources. Implementation, Control And Monitoring These Stages Are Combine Because They Occur Simultaneously. Theoretically, Implementation Is The Easiest Step. The Plan Is Ready, Resources And Executors Are Available. It Is Only Require To Ensure That Our House Is Built In Accordance With The Scheule And Estimate.

The Focus Is On Control

In Practice Everything Is Not So Simple, Since In The Process Of Execution The Original Plan Is Almost Always Subject To Changes. For Example: They Decide To Build A House From Materials A, B, C, But While They Were Building, Material B Became Malaysia Phone Number List Very Expensive, And C Turne Out To Be Of Poor Quality. As A Result, The House Was Built From Materials A, D, E. Or We Starte To Design The Site According To The Approve Plan, But The Customer Intervene In The Process Of Work, Introduce New Requirements, And The Plan Had To Be Change. Such Adjustments Should Be Taken Lightly, They Are Almost Inevitable. However, At The Beginning.

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Of The Life Cycle  It Is Worth

Considering This And Laying In The Plan The Possibility Of Changing It So That It Is Flexible Enough. Completion The Last Stage Involves More Than Just Celebrating Success. The Result Must Be Hande Over: The House – To The Selection Committee, The New Branch – To The Appointe Manager, The Site – To The Customer. Delivery Involves The Elimination Of Deficiencies, The Provision Of All Access And Title Documents. Documents RelateSent To The Archive For Long-term Storage. Each Project Gives The Team Working On It A New Experience. At BM Lists The End Of The Life Cycle, They Analyze The Work Done, Successful And Unsuccessful Decisions, In Order To Draw Conclusions For The Future. What Is The Benefit Of Automating Project Lifecycle Management? The Project Approach Assumes That Each Project Goes Through Certain Stages In Its Life Cycle. And This Correlates Well With The Idea Of ​​a Business Process. Automating Lifecycle Management Using Bpm Systems Has A Number Of Advantages. Formalization. You Can Draw Up A Complete Scheme Of The Project From Beginning To End, Including All The.

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