Digitalization Of State Corporations

Digital Technologies Create A Reserve For Profit And Gaining New Competitive Advantages, But The Result Depends On Business Processes. If The Processes Remain Analogous, Then The Effect Of The Introduction Of Innovative Technologies Will Be Barely Noticeable. Business Nees A Comprehensive Transformation So That The Adde Value Create By Technology Does Not Decrease When Transiting Inside Or Outside The Organization, But Rather Increases. The More Tools That Work To Add Value To A Product Or Service, The Better. If One Tool Has Gaine Time, Then The Other Must Either Maintain Or Increase This Advantage. The Digitalization Of Business Processes.

Is Just The Way To Ensure

The Smooth Transit Of The Values ‚Äč‚Äčthat Technology Creates. However, Not All Companies, Especially Small Ones, Can Understand How To Implement Such A Transit. In This Regard, It Is Interesting To Consider The Digital Transformation Of State Colombia Phone Number List Corporations. – A Reference Approach The Ministry Of Digital Transformation Has Develope An Approach To Digital Transformation For State Corporations, Which Can Be Calle A Reference One, Since It Is Focuse On Multiplying Economic Benefits By Accumulating Changes In Corporate Culture: Transformation Of The Management System And Improvement Of Decision-making Mechanisms; Development Of Strategic Planning, Improvement Of The Quality Of Forecasts.

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Increase In Efficiency After

The Introduction Of New Solutions; Development Of Competitive Potential; Development Of Production Potential, Etc. The Mechanism Of Digitalization Of State Corporations Involves The Phase Implementation Of The Project, Which Begins With The Development Of A Strategy And Ends With The Monitoring Of Implementation Results By BM Lists The Regulator. The Approach Provides For The Creation Within The Corporate Structure Of A Special Position Of Director For Digital Transformation – Cdto ( Chief Digital Transformation Officer ), As Well As A Center Of Digital Competencies. Essentially, This Department Is Deicate To Maximizing The Return On Investment In It Through Its Expertise. However, Even State Corporations Partially Depart From The Digital Transformation Strategy.

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