On The Requests Of Department Heads

Work Is Carrie Out With Motivation: Material And Non-material Incentives. It Is Planne, Taking Into Account The Wishes Of The Employee Himself, His Career In The Company. This Work Is Largely Creative, A Formal Approach Is Of Little Use Here. To The Extent That An Employee Trusts The Company And Realizes His Place In It, The Motivation He Will Have To Achieve His Goals And Make Full Use Of His Skills And Talents Will Be High. Corporate Training, Certification This Is Part Of The Personnel Policy, Which Has Already Been Mentione. As The Enterprise Develops, The Requirements For Employees, For Their Special Skills, Increase. Training Becomes A Tool By Which Employees Are Prepare In Advance For A New Job Or Career Advancement. This Process Is Well Formalize And Automate: Drawing Up A Training Plan For The Year Or Month.

Selection Of Employees Who

Will Be Traine During This Period. Selecting A Specific Training Program. Organization Of Training, Final Certification. Optimization Of Corporate Training Begins With Ensuring That It Is Not Spontaneous (We Select Several Employees, We Train Them Base ), But Thought Out In Advance, Would Have A Specific Plan, And Really Be Part Of The Personnel Philippines Phone Number List Policy. Here You Can See The B-p Corporate Training Scheme Managing Basic Hr Services For Example, This Is The Management Of Periods Of Absence: Registration Of Holidays , As Well As Control Of Time Off, Lateness, Sick Leave. This Also Includes The Issuance Of Certificates . If An Employee Nees A Salary Certificate Or Some Other, Then This Issue Must Be Resolve As Soon As Possible, Since This Also Increases Staff Loyalty. How To Optimize.

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The Business Processes Of The Hr Department

Their Optimization Is Very Important To Improve The Efficiency Of The Company. To Do This, The Formalization Of Business Processes Is First Performe, That Is, The Preparation Of Regulations According To Which They Pass. Further, Automation Can Help A Lot. Basic Hr Processes, Such As Hiring An Employee, Are Not Only Automate Using BM Lists Bpm Systems, But Also Robotize. For Example: Posting Vacancies, Accepting Documents From The Applicant (Resume, Diploma), Completing A Test Task, Passing A Psychological Test. An Hr Specialist Communicates Only With Those Applicants Who Have Passe At Least The Initial Selection, And This Greatly Saves Time. Vacation Management Is Automate: If An Employee Nees An.

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