Implies A Completely Different Logic

With External Evidence And Even Positive Dynamics, Does Not Reflect Reality At All, Does Not Show Problems. And Most Importantly, It Has Nothing To Do With The Client And In Order To Make Him Happy. In The Traditional Approach,goal Of Budgeting Is To Maintain And Increase Them (No Worse Than Last Quarter). 2) Processes, The Ultimate Goal Is To Give The Customer More Than Before And More Than Competitors. Principles Of Process Budgeting If The Process Is Taken As The Basis, Then All Budgeting Is Rebuilt And Revise. At First, It Is Not Easy For An Enterprise That Is Accustome To The Traditional System To Move Away From Its Principles.

The Main Practical Difference

Is As Follows: With A Process Approach, More Labor Is Spent On Budgeting. It Is Not Enough To Define “Income” And “Expenditure” And Then Divide Them Into Departments. Strategic Planning. All Processes In Budgeting Are Carrie Out Taking Switzerland Phone Number List Into Account The Specific Goals Facing The Company. Control At Every Stage. Instead Of A Summary Report On Dozens Of Business Processes, The Manager Sees The Real Situation For Each. Instead Of Checks That Nee To Be Run From Time To Time In Order To See Some Elements Of The Work Of Departments.

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Management Owns The Situation

In Real Time. Each Budgeting Business Process Is Controlle From Start To Finish. For Example, From Receiving A Client’s Application To The Moment Of Transferring Products To Him, Receiving Feeback, Processing A Claim. The Breakdown Of Budgeting, And Even More Broadly – Of All The Company’s Activities Not Into Departments, But Into Processes, , A Different Management, A Different Approach To Solving Problems. But Often The Transition BM Lists To Such A Format Helps Not Only To Better See The Company’s Opportunities And Problems, But Also To Start Working For The Client Instead Of Working For Indicators. With A Process Approach, It Is Easier To Make Long-term Decisions And Work For The Future, Because Traditional Budgeting, With Its Tendency To Cut Costs And Focus On Short-term Goals (Indicators Of The Last Month), Usually Only Helps To Maintain The Current State Of Affairs, But Not To Develop. A Business Process Is Triggere When A Specific Task Arrives. For Example, It Is Require To Serve.

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