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The abolition relief is one of the tax Return of reliefs that can be deducte in the Polish annual settlement. Who is entitle to the relief and how much can be deducte from tax? ave to Let yourself be surprise by the professional knowledge of our accountants and leave your settlements in good hands. Or maybe you prefer independent accounting? Our online accounting program is exceptionally simple and intuitive to use, just like the invoicing tool. Choose what best suits your needs – we guarantee each of the ifirma.

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Pl Purchase of services from abroad and VAT – summary Import of services includes both services purchase from entrepreneurs from another EU country and from outside the EU. According to Polish regulations, if a Polish entrepreneur imports services, he is oblige to settle VAT on this account. It does not matter whether the person is an active VAT payer philippines photo editor or one who benefits from VAT exemption, only the settlement will be slightly different. The publication describes how such settlement should be made. An active VAT payer settles the import of services in JPK V , while an exempt VAT payer settles the import of services in the VAT- or VAT- M declaration, depending on whether.

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In Poland or not. For an active VAT taxpayer, the import of services is most often tax neutral, while a VAT-exempt taxpayer is oblige to pay output VAT, which will be a tax deductible for him if he makes settlements on the basis of PKPiR. Having an EU NIP BM Lists when importing services is require if the service purchase comes from an entrepreneur from another EU country. In such a case, if the entrepreneur provides the NIP-EU tax identification number, he or she will receive an invoice without VAT charge, thus incurring a lower expenditure on this purchase.

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