If you use Google Keyword Planner

You’ll see that neither term appears to have search volume: Google Keyword Planner – search volume Now Google them both and you have the results below: Search volume – results on Google Conclusion: there are people who search for both terms. So it’s worth producing content and ranking for them. But which one to prioritize? Which one has the most search volume? If you produce content for both, it will take a long time to know which is best. And your company may have spent time and money optimizing for a keyword that doesn’t produce results. This is where Google Ads comes in.

More likely to be the first option

 With a little money, you can create campaigns using both keywords and compare the results of each one. Therefore, in a few weeks it will be possible to use this information to guide your content production and SEO optimization. Scenario 2: Establish search intent Search intent is a very interesting topic, and we will soon cover it in another article here. But, in short, what is search intent all about? Think about this: when you type pizzeria bh, you want: see pizzerias in BH with Latest database  their respective locations or; Do you want to read articles talking about how to make pizza and why BH is a reference in this? More likely to be the first option, right? And Google knows this. Very simply. It crosses the content of.

Define strategic keywords Searches on Google

Success of your store. Furthermore, customers acquir during Black Friday may remain loyal and shop with you during other periods. This will depend on whether they have a good experience with your store. Implementing a good strategy for Black Friday Now, that you understand the importance of implementing an SEO strategy in your e-commerce to boost results on Black Friday, it’s time to structure your plans. All of your content nes to be optimiz if you want to attract a good volume of clicks and  BM Lists conversions. Discover the five main steps to implement your SEO strategy for Black Friday: 1. Define strategic keywords Searches on Google and other search sites are made using words.

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