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More Organizations Are Using Graph Databases To Successfully Solve Problems That Require Accounting And Identifying A Large Number Of Relationships. In 2018, Due To The Trend.  Of Transition To Low-code Platforms.  The Importance Of Graph Databases.  In The Bpm Systems Market Will Increase Significantly. The Use Of A Network.  Data Model In The Form.  Of A Graph In Low-code Platforms Provides.  The Flexibility Of The Database.  Structure And The Ability.  To Change Business Processes On The Fly, Without The Nee To Involve Programmers. It Is Clear To Everyone That When Using A Relational Data Model For A Bpm System.

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Code More Often Than You Would Like, And In This Case There Is No Nee To Talk About The Full Application Of Low-code Principles. The Ability To Use Data As Flexibly As Possible Will Be One Of The Decisive Factors In Choosing A Platform For Kenya Phone Number List Enterprise Digital Transformation In 2018. Expert Comment : The Importance Of Graph Databases In The Digital Transformation Of Enterprises Was Indee Important, But The Trend Did Not Gain The Expecte Momentum In The Past Year. Interesting Changes Can Be Expecte In 2019 Due To Recent Changes In The Import Substitution Policy. Now Only Software That Uses Domestic Dbms Will.

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Register Of Russian Software. Therefore, In 2019, An Important Factor In Choosing A Bpms Will Be The Country Of Development Of The Dbms Use By The System. We Are Please To Note That Comindware Business Application Platform Is Base On A Graph Dbms Of Its Own Production, Which Ensures Full Compliance In 2019. Trend 3: Robotic Process BM Lists Automation (Rpa) Rpa And Bots Are On Everyone’s Lips And In 2017 Some Trie To Consider Bots As An Alternative To Bpm Due To The Faster Implementation And Adaptation. According To Foreign And Domestic Experts, The Future Lies In The Synergy Of Bpm And Rpa : “bots And Rpa Are A Strategy That Has A Quick But Limite Effect, While Bpm Has A More Powerful Effect – Not Just Increase Employee Productivity, But Higher Quality For Customers – But Delaye In Time.” Anatoly Belaichuk, President Of Abpmp Russian Chapter And Chief Evangelist At Comindware “over Time, Bpm And Bots Will.

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