Make a personal connection with audience

It is crucial to understand that, strange as it may sound, the brand owner doesn’t own the brand. Customer does.

The brand’s reputation, their promise, their perception – is 100% in the hands of their audience. There is a thick line between how we describe ourselves and how others describe us.

You may hear this famous quote by jeff bezos, founder of amazon on the importance of branding:

‘your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.’

The point is, whatever definition of brands you are trying to look here, brands are more than the logos. They are largely about intangible appeals, and their audiences wholly own them.

So if you are a brand or working to build your company’s brand, understand that your brand is how your business presents itself to the world. It’s about what and to-whom you’re communicating.

How to create a powerful brand

Simply put, you need to make your brand visibly known. It should be seen in term of logo, design and visual identity. It should be heard with consistent brand language.

I’m not willing to delve into logo phonelist design and visual strategy. Here (other experts cover about this), not because I don’t want to, but because. Of the lack of discussion over the brand’s language.

When it comes to branding, it’s about moulding the kind of relationship. With every single customer to keep them coming back after the first sale.

The language and the words you use, intentionally or strategically, should. Contribute to the success through writing about. The brand in a way that encourages attraction.

How do we turn an ordinary brand into a loveable brand one for which audiences

It is often said that ‘people buy from people they know.’ in other words, what closes a sale is a man or woman making the pitch, not the mute BM Lists product or a revenue-hungry chatbot pitching the sale.

A sale is the result of some human-to-human interaction – that means involving emotion.

This connection allows people to identify – whenever someone describes themselves as ‘an apple fanboy’ or ‘a naruto anime addict,’ that’s the type of individuals we are going to speak to.

That’s why the language to support this interaction involving using the language those people use – whether to join the club, to purchase a product, to sign up for a newsletter and so on.

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