Digital Marketing mistakes that we all make

Everybody makes mistakes. And here are 11 digital marketing mistakes that. We all make daily and that you should avoid if you want to improve your strategy and the results of your brand. It is not the typical error post without more. At each point, I add recommendations with practical examples. So that you can apply them to your project if they seem useful to you. It’s true, no matter how careful we are, mistakes in online marketing. Me too. For this reason, I have not published on the blog for almost a month . I’ll tell you why in the last point of the post (in case you’re interested in knowing).

I have launched my first project

And have experienced my own mistakes in digital marketing. But I think this is part of the learning and growth process, and the important thing is to learn from those company data mistakes to prevent them from happening again. And that is why I want to share with you some of the most common marketing mistakes that are usually made daily in online marketing. This will not guarantee that you will not make these or other mistakes, but it will make you reflect and see if you are doing something wrong in your marketing strategy. They always tell us or tell us what we should do in Digital Marketing.

But they rarely tell us we all make

About things we shouldn’t do. And I think they are just as or more important when looking for good results with a digital project. Most of the time we forget that what is important is not us, nor company data our company, nor what we sell. What really matters is what our potential client needs and we must create a product or service that meets their needs. I know many people who dedicate themselves to creating infoproducts and courses about things that they think their audience may be interested in. But then they launch them and they don’t achieve the expected results. And why does this happen? Because we focus on ourselves and what we want to create. Not in what our potential clients need.

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