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Blogging in 2023 [UPDATED] Start affiliate marketing subscribers and the recipients’ feedback on them added value with which the subscriber gets help/facilitation/solutions/simple instructions extra discounts only for newsletter subscribers (and sticking to this) But even this is not enough. Before you can provide these things mentioned above in the newsletter, you need to get the reader to join the email list.  the reader something in advance that they can’t resist getting : A relevant joining gift, i.e. a lead magnet. But more on this a little later. See also: Appreciate your reader – Make a joining gift (lead magnet) that is REALLY useful to them 1 | Put the option to join in the text As I said at the beginning of this post, “Subscribe to the newsletter” is not sexy.

That’s why you need to give

Just changing this text will help you get more subscribers to the newsletter. How about trying, for new database example: Get access to the monthly [tip bank] Can I send you the best [tools] once a month? Want to know how to [get more customers] with 3 free tips? Download here the free workbook that Anu used to find the [inspiration] to do the work Do you want to learn how 3 small changes in how you use money can save you €1,387.00 per month? Don’t these sound much more attractive than “Subscribe to newsletter”…?? 2 | The opportunity to join MUST be found in 3 – 5 places Okay, in addition to investing in the text, you have to tell about the opportunity to join several times.  3 – 5 per site.

The ideal number is

Some stay, others don’t. I mostly look at how much  BM Lists time I spend making the product and how much time it takes to build and maintain the income stream. If I see that time is taking too much compared to the income received, I abandon that income stream and build something new instead. Then we’ll take a closer look at how I’ve built these income streams. E-books When I founded my company on November 1, 2015, I also launched my e-book You too have the right to become rich . I had spent 6 months writing and marketing the e-book, building an email list and learning how to launch. 

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