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The Concept Of “Case” Is Use When The Situation Is Reverse: The Request Is Non-standard And/or Its Essence Is Not Obvious. What Actions And What Employees Will Be Require For Processing Cannot Be Said In Advance. Order A Demo To Evaluate The Range Of Features Of The Comindware Business Application Platform Base Solution And Its Usefulness For Your Business. Elena Haidukova Elena Gaidukova , Marketing Analyst. He Has Been Working In The Field Of Bpm And Process Automation Since 2014. He Is Currently The Brand Manager For.

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Application Platform Base Solutions .business Process Management In 1c: Pros, Cons, Alternatives 07.07.2020 1c Is A Platform For Business Automation, Primarily Accounting And Tax Accounting. The Company Has Also Create Solutions For Other Functional Divisions: 1c: Trade Management, 1c: Retail, 1c: Document Management, 1c: Payroll And Hr Afghanistan Phone Number List Management. One Of The Features Embede In 1c Is The Alignment Of Business Processes, Such As Workflow Or Trade. Content How To Create A Business Process Using 1c What Does Automation Of Business Processes In 1c Give? Problems Of Using The 1c Platform To Work With Business Processes How To Create A Business Process Using 1c Most Of The Solutions Base On It Allow You To Create Them. For This, Notation Is Use (Notation System, Modeling Language). Main Objects Of Notation: Starting.

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Point Of Action (Action + Performer). Condition Point (Separator “or”). Split And Merge Points (One Process Diverges Into Several Parallel Ones; Several Merge Into One). Processing Point (The System Performs The Desire Action). Neste Process Point (Helps To Add A Business Process As An Element). To Create A Business Process In 1c, You Will Nee: Enter The Necessary Reference Books And Documents Into The Database. Model The Circuit Using The BM Lists Above Objects. Add Tasks (Checkpoints). Perform Addressing (Set An Executor For Each Task). Processes In 1c Give? It Helps To Develop A Structure, Create Regulations, ppoint Employees Who Will Be Executors At Each But The Set Of Tools Of This Platform Is Limite In Comparison With Bpm Systems That Were Create To Manage Business Processes In A Company, And Not To Digitalize The Accounting Functions Of.

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