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paid advertising, content marketing ottimizzato in ottica SEO. Il nostro lavoro ha richiesto anche la consulenza per la progettazione e l’implementazione di HubSpot in qualità di piattaforma di marketing funzionale a gestire le numerose attività svolte per la promozione dei corsi e la gestione del contatto. Here’s what MSI Business says about us: “We are happy with the progress and support that Adv Media Lab is providing us and

which helps us in enhancing our brand towards

which helps us in enhancing our brand towards our target audiences” declared Luca Bonaiti, marketing manager of MSI Italia. ” The launch of the Account Based Marketing activity for MSI is an opportunity for us to collaborate with a multinational, a reference leader in the hardware sector and start an innovative, strategic and operational  Business Database   process based on the best management of the B2B marketing activity and sales and so on the preferences of potential customers ” – declared Daniel Casarin, CEO and founder of Adv Media Lab.

After the success of the first two editions

Business Database

It is, therefore, a meeting and sharing space for all the figures who deal with digital products (Product manager/owner. CEO – Founder, UX/UI Designer Developer. Project Manager, Head of Growth, IT manager, Marketers, Scrum Master, Manager, Product Strategist). Propose high-value content.  Experiences and concrete case studies from which participants will be able to draw valuable ideas and create the opportunity for real networking with other companies and professionals in the sector. This is how we can summarize the mission of Product Management Day. These are the macro-topics that will be addressed at PM Day 2023: Continuous Discovery  BM Lists & Continuous Delivery . A continuous cycle, a new prototype to validate, one interaction after another, feedback to record. Working on the product means starting an adventure, letting

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