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Foundations of BPM were forme. For their proper functioning, a new kind of software had to be create – BPMS. Thanks to him, it was possible to model business processes, as well as monitor and analyze activities. The system also acte as an engine for the execution of processes. Technologies did not stand still and already in 2012, taking into account the development of IT trends, BPMS change somewhat and was rename iBPMS (Intelligent BPMS). This system already include case management (ACM) and assume.

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Technologies calle SMAC (Social, Mibile, Analytics, Cloud). 2018 saw a kind of take-off of BPMS. This was facilitate by the trend of digital transformation, which gave a powerful impetus to increasing interest in BPM. BPMS is increasingly being combine B2B Email List with the latest digital technologies. Thanks to this, a number of new solutions for business process management have appeare, involving the use of synergy of BPMS capabilities with technologies such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation), AI (Artificial Intelligence).

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Process Mining (automatic process detection), etc. In 2020, BPM systems begin to play the role of the core of unifie business platforms in the digital business environment. Now the business process, thanks to digital technologies, creates a product for the consumer. How did VRM come about? Any business can be compare to a small child. Any company BM Lists is first create, then “gets on its feet”, then the period of formation and learning begins. At the same time, in, it is necessary to competently organize the interaction of , as well as work out the mechanism for transferring knowlege.¬† organization. Proper organization of business processes is necessary both in large companies and in small organizations.

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