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International Process Mining Working Group.aho Management 06/15/2022 Administrative Processes Helps Digital Transformation Activists To Generate Ideas For Process Automation And Digitalization. Comindware Provides A Modern Low-code Platform For Quickly Building A Digital Organization,and Economic Departments (Aho) Exist Relatively Isolate From The Main Activities Of The Company And Often Represent An Organization Within An Organization, With Their Own Separate Powers And Tasks. Regulations Help Direct The Work Of The Unit In The Right Direction, But Who And How Should Control Their Implementation? The Article Presents The Main Directions And Methods Of Automating The Acs In Order To Make The Work Of The Department More Transparent.

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Its Results More Measurable In Terms Of Quantity And Quality. Full Automation Of Axo On The Comindware Business Application Platform . Make Processes Transparent. Content What Is Aho? Control Over Financial And Administrative Ukraine Phone Number List Processes In Real Time Business Problems Your Benefits Axo Asset Management System What Is Aho? An Administrative And Economic Department (Aho) Is Available In Most Companies That Employ More Than 100 People. This Department Has Several Tasks: Issuing To Employees Everything They Nee For Work (Tools, Equipment, Stationery); Providing The Building Of The Company With Utilities, Fire Safety, Security, Communications; Maintenance Of All Premises And Equipment; Providing Comfortable Workplaces And Rest Rooms. If The Company Is Large, Then The Administrative And Economic.

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Divide Into Several Sub-departments: Planning And Calculation, Sub-department Of Material Resources, Household. Control Over Financial And Administrative Processes In Real Time Automating The Daily Tasks And Operations Of The Housekeeping Department Is One Of The Most Important Steps In The Life Of Any Company.  With Powerful BM Lists Functionality. The Solution Should Provide Not Only The Automation Of Business Processes, Including Budget Planning And Contract Negotiation, But Also Provide Tools For Flexible Configuration With The Ability To Make Changes On The Fly. An Example Of An Electronic Application For A Meical Examination Sample Interface For A Meical Examination Solution The Axo Task Management Solution Should Investments ; Management Of Business Operations Of Aho; Maintenance Of Buildings, Premises And Equipment (Mro). Business Problems Fuzzy Distribution Of Tasks Lack Of.

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