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That’s green”. Over 150 sustainable initiatives: from species detection dogs to self-production of electricity “We produce sustainable electricity, ensure the preservation of bees with the Gleisgold initiative, have our own species detection dogs with which we can check in advance for new route construction projects whether and to what extent we can ensure a resettlement of this species” , reports Baake in our podcast.The best ideas on the subject of sustainability come directly from Deutsche Bahn employees – and come together in the company suggestion scheme.

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In addition, an ideas competition with bonuses provides additional incentives to actively contribute your own suggestions. “This starts, for Latest Mailing Database example, with the clothing of the employees on the trains, we now use microplastic-free soap and offer many more meat-free and more ecological products in the on-board bistro,” says Baake. In our new podcast episode you can now hear what further measures Deutsche Bahn is taking to win back more business travelers and why Jan-Wolf Baake sees the future of Deutsche Bahn in particular in seamless payment and the associatd processes.

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Big data is at the heart of every area of ​​your business. Making better use of the wealth of data producd by your increasingly. Automatd processes BM Lists is an integral part of any efficiency. And savings strategy. Business trips are no exception: With the increase in centralizd payment solutions, automatd expense reports and diversifid payment methods such as corporate cards, you can optimize your travel expense management. Find out now how much your company can save by using AirPlus Corporate Cards! A large-scale study by.

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