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Resulting from the case of beneficiaries who do not keep full accounting, meeting. The requirement to keep separate accounting records can be achieve by preparing a list of documents. Confirming the incur project expenses in the form of a spreadsheet. Separation of bank accounts – settlement of subsidies. Very often, the co-financing agreement requires. The beneficiary to open a separate bank account from which eligible expenses. Will be paid and a separate one for advance payments. This requirement should not be underestimate. Even if there is no requirement to separate such bank accounts, we still recommend doing so.

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Separating such an account may also be a partial fulfillment of the condition. For keeping project records – sometimes it is also necessary to separate settlements. This is sometimes impossible Photo Retouching in accounting systems. Determination of tax costs and revenues relate to the subsidy. The most general rule is: Eligible costs of funding  non-tax costs  non-tax revenues PLN , of eligible costs  subsidy PLN of non-tax costs and PLN of non-tax revenues. However, it should be remember. That its direct application is only possible when the eligible cost is taxable in the same period.

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If, for example, we settle certain costs over time or depreciate a fix asset purchase as part of the project, we make adjustments to non-tax costs and revenues in parallel with RMK or depreciation BM Lists write-offs. Therefore, if we purchase a fix asset depreciate on a straight-line basis, we adjust % of the cost for each depreciation write-off, while calculating the income in the same value. Despite the recognition of non-tax revenues from subsidy, tax revenues from this should also be record – this is done on the date of receipt of the subsidy. Most often, this is off-balance sheet accounting.

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