Roger Federer hangs up his racket 5 spots to say goodbye

Roger Federer, considered on his own merits as the last great “gentleman” of world tennis, will play his last ATP tournament next week. When the Laver Cup in London concludes in a few days, the Swiss tennis player will hang up his racket forever and will leave an orphan to a sport that will undoubtedly miss his majestic and distinguished movements on the court. Hampered by several injuries and operations in the last three years, Federer, 41, has decided to say goodbye to tennis , a sport that has brought him 20 Grand Slams and 103 ATP titles over the course of long and successful careers.

The Promise with Roger Federer and Ziz Barilla

The “Swiss watch” recently starred in an top industry data emotional advertisement for Barilla in which Federer fulfilled a child’s dream of playing against him. In 2007 the tennis player promised little Zizou in a press conference that he would play with him when the boy was old enough to meet him on the court. And since Federer is a man of his word, in the Barilla advertisement the viewer witnesses how the tennis player’s promise actually comes true.

The Rooftop Match with Roger Federer Barilla

In 2020, Barilla and Roger Federer signed BM Lists one of their most memorable and emotional collaborations . In the spot the “Swiss teacher” surprised two Italian teenagers who spent a good part of the confinement hidden from the coronavirus playing tennis on the roof. According to Forbes , Federer’s juicy advertising contracts would earn the Swiss tennis player a whopping $45 million a year (a much higher figure than what his professional colleagues pocket).

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