The guide to learn how to use Google Tag Manager

Find out what google tag manager is. How to install it and how it can be of great help to you to add tracking codes. And more to your site, without having to resort to site developers. Google tag manager is a fast , secure and free system for managing tags , I.E. Small fragments of code, own by google. It is available in both the web version and the ios and android versions. It is a service that is particularly convenient for those who work in marketing . Since it allows you to insert tracking codes to monitor user actions on the site. Without having to ask the developers for help.

What is a tag management system?

How many times have you found yourself asking for help from your company’s it department. New Data (or from the technicians and developers who created your site). To insert, for example, the analytics tracking code or the facebook pixel? Hours wasted waiting, invalid codes entered, and so on. Here, a tag management system solves all this and allows you to be independent. In adding the tags you want to install on the site. Developers just need to enter a single code on the site. The google tag manager installation code, and that’s it. The code will not be inserted directly on the site , but via google tag manager. Are you wondering why? Simple, because by adding the analytics tag within the source code. 

The activators

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