The push strategy ensures optimal results

The push it launch its own range of products for, the six most request nail polish shades in the salons, and a top coat. It also debut a rubberiz tool, call “The Poppy,” that attaches to nail polish bottles to make it easier to apply with either hand. “The Poppy” even has a patent, and was creat in collaboration with an Olive & June team made up of people who are experts in manicure. All nail polishes are pric at and are “-free”, meaning they are free of seven chemicals including dibutyl phthalate DBP, toluene, formaldehyde and xylene. Since April , stickers are also available to apply to nails for nail art.

The first time including polishes

The choice to start marketing manicure products came following requests from and from an increasingly frequent question “When will the time come that you will launch your products?”. But there were also many other questions of a completely different web designs and development service nature, including “What do I do with my cuticles?” or “How can I remove gel from my nails?”. Hence another intuition. Customers felt lost when they were not in their salons and felt the ne to be attend to constantly. So what did Olive & June come up with? An all-round digital transformation “With our salon, we are in a very crowd market.

Their customers in the community

Although we make thousands of women happy every day with our stores, we think there are many more who expect a service like ours. These are the words of BM Lists the founder and CEO of Olive & June, Sarah Gibson Tuttle. Following a study of a group of customers ag between and , Olive & June had confirmation of its intuition only said they could afford to go to the beauty salon more than three times per year. This is why you should invest in research with your users, potential and customers. Even though the Bureau of Labor Statistics said that manicures and picures in salons were expect to grow percent by.

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