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Most Neee Business Processes. This Transformation Can Be Done With The Help Of Your Business Analysts, Whom We Will Support Andwork Is To Ensure The Fast And Uninterrupte Flow Of All Processes, Which Should Ultimately Make Customers More Satisfie Withexisting Situation Both Within The Company And On The Market. Of These Approaches, Functional Is The Most Traditional And Straightforward. However, He Is “Clumsy” And Poorly Adapte To Change. The Situational Model Gives The Manager The Most Management Tools, Helps To Make Almost Any Decision, If They Are Well Relate To The Current Situation.

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Over The Actions Of Managers Here. The Process Approach Is The “golden Mean”. It Helps To Organize The Work Of The Company So That The Regulations Exist, But At The Same Time, The Work Of All Employees Is Aime At Creating A Result That Belarus Phone Number List Will Be Appreciate By The Client And Increase The Competitive Position Of The Enterprise. What Does The Process Approach In Management Look Like? He Has 4 Characteristics. A Deicate Business Process That Has An “input” (For Example, A Customer Order ) And An “output” (Confirmation From The Client That The Problem.

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Order Has Been Delivere To Him As Well As Participants And The Scheme Through Which It Passes. Kpi (Key Performance Indicators) Of The Business Process. This Is Not Only The Time Spent, But Also The Assessment That The Client Gives. It Helps To Understand How The Main Goal Is Achieve – Customer Satisfaction. The Owner Is The Passage. For Example, The Head Of The Support Service Is The Owner Of All Processes That Relate To BM Lists Customer Requests. The Regulation Is The Very Scheme According To Which The Process Takes Place, As Well As A Set Of Rules Execute By The Participants. Objectives Of The Process Approach The Goals Of This Approach Are: An Increase In The Number Of Horizontal Links, A Decrease In The Number Of Vertical Ones. Employees Themselves Build Chains Of Interaction With Each Other, The Manager Controls This.

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