Integrations And Improvements To The System

A Company Using In-house It Specialists Or An External Organization, Develops An Ems That Is Fully Suitable For Current Nees. At First Glance, This Is The Perfect Solution. However, In Practice, It Leads To The Fact That There Is No Revision Of The Workflow Logic, And In Fact We Have All The Same Paperwork, Only Without Paper. In Addition, A Account That The Company’s Processes Will Sooner Or Later Begin To Change. That Is Why It Is Best To Immeiately Implement A System Base On The Low-code Platform, The Functionality Of Which Allows Business Users To Customize The System For The Current Nees Of The Company. You Can Start Implementation By Automating A Single Type Of Workflow Or Just A Fewprocesses, And Then, Systematically Scaling The System, Cover All End-to-end Business Processes Of The Enterprise. Low-code Platform For Fast Automation Of Any Kind Of Electronic Document Management.

Gradual Abandonment Of Documents

Managing An Organization Base On Document Flow Is A Bad Idea Because Goals Are Substitute. Employees Begin To Work Not For The Result, But For The Production Of Files. If You Try To Manage Sales Using Document Management, Then Vietnam Phone Number List Managers Will Drown In An Endless Stream Of Memos, Notices, Requests, Notices, Requests, Complaints, Warnings. All Of This Internal Documentation Can Be Easily Abandone By Implementing Custom Forms And Notifications. Another Problem Is How To Control The Execution Of Orders? The Marketing Department Sent A Request To The Department For An Urgent Discount Promotion.

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The Request Came Through

The Se, Everything Is Fine But How To Track The Work Of Sales Managers In The Ems? Most Likely, There Is No Way Without Additional , Otherwise The Company Risks Getting A Simple Exchange Of Messages Like “the Request Was Accepte, The Action BM Lists Was Carrie Out”. With The Same Success, You Can Exchange Messages In The Mail. Ems Does Not Improve The Quality Of Interaction, But Only Transfers A Text File From One Process Participant To Another. Finally, The Majority Of Legally Without Programming Is Possible Thanks To A Wide Range Of Low-code Platform Features: Support For The Industry Standard For Designing Business Processes.

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