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Precisely The Business Process And It Is Use To Show The Algorithm For Passing It. Basic Elements Of Bpmn : Task (Rectangle). Event (Circle). Gateway, Fork (Rhombus). Flow, Move (Arrow). Databases, Documents. Footnotes. Pools. The Basic Bpmn Notation Includes No More Than 10 Types Of Icons And Helps To Describe The Algorithm In A A Business User Who Has Not Receive Special Training. Extende Bpmn Contains About 100 Icons And Allows You To Make The Regulations Machine-readable, Without Allowing Discrepancies. The Main Advantage Of Bpmn Is That It Is Best Suite If You Nee To Describe Exactly The Business Process, Making It Understandable Even For Ordinary Employees. Today, Bpmn Is Popular: Most Vendors Offering Bpm.

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With BpmnA Schema Create With Its Help Can Be Made Executable By Connecting The Capabilities Of An Information System. The Disadvantage Of Bpmn Is That It Is Focuse On Business Processes And Is Not Well Suite To Describe The Structure Russia Phone Number List Of An Enterprise Or A Tree Of Goals. When Using The Extende Version, The Scheme Becomes More Complicate, And It Will Be Difficult For A Person Without Special Skills To Understand It. In General, Bpmn Is The Most Common Today, It Is She Who Enjoys The Greatest Respect In The International Association Of Bpm Professionals (Abpmp). The Choice Of Notation For A Particular Case Depends.

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With Its Help As Well As On The Information Systems That Are Planne To Be Use. Comindware’s Low-code Bpm Platform Provides The Ability To Model Executable Business Processes Base On Bpmn Notation, As Well As Build High-level Business Processes Using Architectural Diagrams. Elena Haidukova Elena Gaidukova , Marketing Analyst. He Has Been Working In The Field Of Bpm And Process Automation Since 2014. He Is Currently The Brand Manager For Comindware Business Application Platform Base Solutions .ill Bpm Be Replace BM Lists By Bots And Jim’s Article And Supplemente It With Comments About The Role Of Rpa Anatoly Belaichuk, President Of Abpmp Russian Chapter And Chief Evangelist At.

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