Why did PUODO impose such

Does not apply to agreements that: contribute to improving the production. Distribution of goods or technical or economic progress; provide the purchaser or. User with an appropriate share of the benefits arising from the agreements; do not impose. Why did PUODO restrictions on the economic operators concern that are not necessary to achieve. Those objectives; do not provide these entrepreneurs with the opportunity to eliminate competition on the relevant market for a significant part of the specifi goods. If you want to know what competition and consumer protection is, go here. Prohibition of abuse of a dominant position The provision of Art.

Act on Competition and Consumer

Protection states that Abuse of a dominant position on the relevant market by one or more entrepreneurs is prohibit cf. paragraph ; Abuse of a dominant position consists in particular in: directly or indirectly imposing unfair prices, including excessively philippines photo editor high or abnormally low prices, long payment terms or other conditions for the purchase or sale of goods; limiting production, sales or technical progress to the detriment of contractors or consumers; the use of burdensome or non-uniform contract terms in similar contracts with third parties, creating different conditions of competition for these parties; making the conclusion of a contract conditional on the acceptance or performance by.

The other party of another

Performance that has no material or customary connection with the subject matter of the contract; preventing the formation of conditions necessary for the emergence or development of competition; the entrepreneur imposing burdensome contract terms BM Lists that bring him unjustifi benefits; division of the market according to territorial, product or entity criteria cf. paragraph ; Legal transactions that constitute an abuse of a dominant position are invalid in whole or in part cf. paragraph . By definition, this provision applies only to cases in which an entity.

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