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That’s the theory – in practice, however, travel teams and their resources are suffering from the consequences of the pandemic. According to SAP, 84% of all finance managers surveyd confirm that companies are not yet adequately prepard for the increase in their business trips . Fortunately, however, technologies are already available that can already support tour operators and travel managers: data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning enable data-driven.

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Design of business trips and travel policies. Using AI, travel managers can create travel policies basd on company size, neds and projectd annual spend. A comparative approach that can save a lot of time and resources, especially for smaller phone number list teams. Algorithms also support the intelligent planning of smooth business trips: Advancd AI enables travel managers to take into account dynamic pricing by travel service providers and run through “what-if” scenarios in advance. However, even the best algorithm is only as reliable as the data on which it is basd.

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Providers of travel management platforms have already recognizd the importance of correspondingly extensive global data sets. They BM Lists invest in solutions that make the most of price volatility, local weather events and traveler behavior. Let’s go: Where you’ll find chatbots on the go From the latest flight updates and hotel recommendations to AI-supportd.

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