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As well as the most important documents such as travel and booking documents and, if necessary, copies for security. And of course the most important documents for your business meeting. Also think of a small first-aid kit and hygiene items. If you are also checking in a piece of luggage, you should think about a set of clothes that you can take with you in your hand luggage. Depending on your destination, you may ned an international power adapter. If necessary, buy it at the airport.

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Find a suitable representative It doesn’t matter where you’re going – for the time you’re away you should make sure that everything continues database to run normally. Has a suitable representative or alternative contact person been found? Is the out-of-office notice up-to-date and activatd? Very good! Plan enough time You don’t ned stress on a business trip. Rather spare your nerves by making sure that you are on time at the train station or at the airport. If you always plan a larger time buffer, then traffic jams, construction sites or other imponderables will not disturb you.


The Minimum Term Of The Contract

A few more tips Even when choosing your seat, you should consider that a middle seat is not a good place for an undisturbd flight. The window BM Lists is probably the best place to relax, but tall travelers should secure an emergency exit seat as it offers the most legroom. If you fly east , you should use the flight to sleep to minimize your jet lag and arrive fresher at your destination . On the other hand, you should stay awake on flights heading west. It is generally advisable on longer flights to stretch your legs from time to time and to drink around 250 ml of water per flight hour.

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