Cinema and cinema advertising between 2019 and 2020

Film programming and commercials on the big screen, what happened in 2019? And what will the films and benefits be for 2020? Cinema is a sector that is always active and full of surprises. 2019 was a truly exceptional year for box office receipts . Great films and the effects of pre-screening advertising. Let’s analyze together what happened and start finding out what films the new year has in store for us . A large number of blockbusters dotted the year just ended. Just think of the intervention of disney. Which has committed to producing many films and bringing them. To the big screen on an ongoing basis. 2019 will remain as the year that saw a very high number of great films in theaters. Distributed evenly over all months , including the summer period. The numbers confirm it: in july collections recorded a +75.28% compared to 2018.

2019: all cinema data

In august there was a +33% increase in attendance compar to the previous year. Special data  In terms of attendance , july saw a growth in attendance of 65.15%. And the overall period from january to august + 11.4% compar to the same months of 2018. The growth of cinema in 2019 is evident, just from these numbers. But let’s consider what happen throughout the year. , it is possible to see that: The overall takings of cinemas in italy were over 630 million euros ; Approximately 97 million tickets were sold . Which translates into an increase of over 14% in takings and 13% in attendance; The best box office receipts were obtain by “ the lion king ” (37.5 million euros). “ avengers: endgame ” (30.2 million euros) and “ joker ” (29.3 million euros); Italian productions have seen more than 130 million in takings .

2020 at the cinema: what are the prospects

At a first fleeting glance, 2020 seems unable to maintain the level reached by 2019.  BM Lists In terms of cinema numbers. Perhaps the absence of sequels to great films. Or some postponed releases make us perceive a less rosy context than that of last year. Yet, 2020 also has its aces up its sleeve. In fact, potential blockbusters are planned , possible films. With a billion dollar gross (the sum that every production dreams of reaching) and. Finally, why not, some welcome surprises, the film that surprises you. The one you don’t expect , but it is there and brings people into the room. In short, this year too, cinema wants to take great satisfaction. And perhaps replicate 2019. The list is rich: great authors and directors. Important interpretations and genres for every taste.

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