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Companies Manage To Switch To Russian Software Before The February Events, But The Problem Is Wider Than It Seems. In A Situation Of Economic Instability, Business Is Force To Save Resources And Curtail Promising Initiatives. You Can Find Russian Analogues Of Sap, But The Transition To Them Will Require Money, Specialists And Time. At The Same Time, Well-establishe Business Processes Will Certainly Have To Adapt To New Realities, Especially For Logistics And Sales Departments. We Nee Easy Solutions That Will Give Businesses The Freeom.

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Avoid Financial Losses In Any Case, Many Enterprises Will Have To Look For Analogues Of Sap. How Realistic Is This? Find Out How Quickly You On The Comindware Platform? Problems Of Import Substitution One Of The Main Problems Is The Ecuador Phone Number List Requirement To Replace, No Matter How Different The New Product Is From The Old One. At The State Level, The Idea Was Repeately Expresse That Windows Should Be Replace With A Russian Analogue. The Trouble Is That None Of The Existing Operating Systems Can Be Calle A Full-flege Analogue Of Windows – Neither In Terms Of Capabilities, Nor In Terms Of Compatibility With Various Programs And Applications.

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Currently Not The Undispute Leader In The Erp Market In Russia, Because The Leading Position Is Held By The 1c Product – A Russian Development, Although The Functions And Capabilities Of 1c And Sap Cannot Be Calle Completely Identical. What Is The Situation With Import Substitution Of Sap And Other Business Process Automation Solutions BM Lists And What Are The Main Problems? The Nee To Switch To New Software Against The Will . All Key Processes Are Tailore To A Specific Product, And The Introduction Of A New System Can Bring Chaos To The Usual Work. In A Situation Of Economic Instability, Changing Familiar It Tools Is Always A Risk… The Nee To Replace Software Solutions With A Lower Quality Product . This Is A Direct Consequence Of The Previous Point. Companies Will Take Such A Step Only As A Last Resort. The Nee To Look For A Domestic Developer Of High-quality Software Solutions . Finding It In One Day Is Extremely Problematic.  Import Substitution Of Sap Software Products.

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