Copywriting are all come from your head

Some people are religiously believed copywriting is a gift from god.

It descends from heaven and pass down from generations to generations of mighty wordsmiths who work in this industry.

Business owners or even marketers believe this too. Just because they created the product or service, they know best what the message should be.

It’s effing terrible.

People have been lying to you for ages. It is not true at all!

The best messages will never come from inside your head. They won’t.

Even the greatest copywriters in the world don’t sit around drumming up messages (or copy).

They don’t put all the thinking hat to come up with the sizzling headlines and write it down just like that. They know that inspiration and ideas to write great copy lie outside their office.

Here is a story about the late gene schwartz  one of the great copywriters of all time

He was about to write copy for a client. He sat down with the client, interviewed him, discussing the product-related issues and so on.

In the first 3 minutes, he got exactly telephone list what he needed – the right message to write copy for that client.

But he kept interviewing the client for the rest of the hour so the client would feel like this isn’t easy.

Then mr. Gene finished the interview, and he took a couple of weeks to submit the ad he’d written almost immediately after finishing the interview.

What mr. Gene did there is simple.

He went out and listened to what people were saying. In this case, it was the ceo of the company he was writing the ad for.

He didn’t look to his own thoughts He wasn’t sitting there interviewing himself

Gene went out and asked people. He interviewed people to dig deep about the product.

And in this particular case, he got the best line quite quickly.

This also serves to remind people BM Lists out there that copywriters are not wordsmiths – trying to overly creative, looking inward to come out with the best copy possible.

You do not want copywriters to wordsmith your copy. Flowery prose and witty lines don’t sell.

All you want is copy that sells. Period.

But that’s not only the case. There is a huge stumbling block hinders your path, blurring your view before finding and hiring a copywriter.

So, how in the blue hell copywriters write copy?

How does a copywriter find the right phrase?

How does interviewing inspire a light bulb moment to write sizzling hot copy.

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