Why Nobody Told You About Copywriting For Home Page

However, you might need to understand this too; poor home page copy = poor sales or leads.

Although there are other factors come in the mix, clear and convincing copy is the uppermost priority that leads to conversion.


Because all the good things come from a home page. It receives visitors from a number of places.

They might come from direct traffic, paid traffic, blog, social media, press release and so on. This means a home page is served for different kind of people.

It’s like an airport that has a bunch of different places for a bunch of people to go to new locations. So much so that a home page is the starting point for visitors to go to different pages.

And because of that, a home page does a heavy lifting on design, usability, user experience, functionality and of course copy.

So how to start writing a super duper home page copy

Before we begin, let’s unwrite first. Take a seat and read on why writing a home page is so crucial.


Home page copy is created to communicate your value proposition.

When first-time visitors arrive at phone lists your site, they have a purpose in mind. They are looking for a solution. And they want it quick.

So you have to clarify your offering. You have a few seconds to let people know what your site is about, and tell them why you are better than your competitors.

It’s too damn hard right

Value proposition or some call it unique selling proposition (usp), uvp or whatever. Is the single statement that highlights the BM Lists desirable and exclusive. Elements of your product/service in a succinct and memorable way.

Put it in this way; you have to write a memorable and benefit.Driven statement that stop visitors’ track and make them say ‘yeah, this is what I’m looking for’.

It generally appears as your headline on your home page and/or on. The page that receives the most traffic, which means that you have to work. Extra hours to craft a home page headline.

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