You Should Do Content Marketing Now

But content becomes prevalent these days. You write blog posts, post it on social media and repeat the process over and over again. You make it as part of your marketing strategies.

Big companies do it. People sell physical products on the internet do it.

If you have budgets to burn, run ads to promote your ecommerce website.

Now ecommerce converges with content, where nearly every established retailer suddenly has a story to tell, a picture to share, and a video to show.

A new baby in marketing is born; content ecommerce, or the lesser breed is called content marketing, or ecommerce content marketing.

Because content marketing revolves around creating valuable content that informs, inspires and educates the audience.

As a result, it helps you gain trust from customers, builds your own followers and improves your brand.

From the ROI perspective, content marketing generates revenues for your business without spending more money on advertising. Now it is a 44 billions worth of industry.

It’s not too hard to implement it for your ecommerce business

Here are 5 best practises for ecommerce content marketing you can apply today.

A headline can’t describe your value proposition alone in ten words or less. It’s rare.

You may be able to get close. But telephone lists if you have a number of different product or service categories, it’s better off keeping your headline simple, and then use short copy to expand on your value proposition.

That’s why several websites have a block of text or sections to extend the message and help your visitors to navigate their site.

For example, if you have 3 products or 3 different types of services, you could write a simple yet powerful headline. Then place short copy in the 3 different columns to send visitors to its targeted landing page or product/service page.

Before we jump into creating a content, the first thing you should do here is to take a look at the technical aspects of your commerce site.

Your site should be able to integrate seo built-in features to optimize for the search engine

This is an important part of your BM Lists whole content marketing ecosystem as google reckons creating a unique ecommerce content as a part of the content marketing practices.
Most websites are built by modern ecommerce platform like wordpress and its extensions, tools, plugins and themes, so this shouldn’t a big issue here.

You might also consider hiring a professional web developer to setup your ecommerce site to its fullest potential.

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